We are members of Boudl Hotels Group Rewards (BHG Rewards)


Terms and Conditions:
Boudl Hotels and Resorts is the sole owner and operator of the karam
Rewards Club®. As used in this document, the term “Karam Program” is
derived from the Boudl Hotel Suites Slogan “Generosity of Hospitality.”
Boudl Hotels and Resorts provides these rules and regulations for the
program and may amend them at any time without notice.
1. General information:
A. The effective date of these updated rules is January 1, 2022. The
following defines the rules of the karam Rewards Club Rewards Program
and supersedes any previous rules of the existing rewards system.
B. Your participation in the Program is subject to these Rules and you must
read and understand them.
C. The program is subject to change, and Boudl may add, modify or delete
any term or condition in the program, in its sole discretion, with or
without notice, and may terminate the program at any time with prior
2. Membership requirements :
A. Membership is not available to companies or other entities. You can
create and maintain only one member account. Boudl will close any
additional accounts and will not transfer or compensate any points for
additional accounts.
B. At the present time, you can deal with the "Karam Program" system
through the establishments of Boudl Hotels and Resorts within the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait, which are:
Boudl Hotel Suites
Braira Hotels and Resorts
Aber hotels
Narcissus Hotels & Resorts

3. Exceptions:
A. Boudl Hotels & Resorts do not share otherwise brands or certain
websites other than its’ official websites and mobile application.
B. In the meanwhile, Reservations must be made through Boudl Hotels &
Resorts channels to qualify for reward points.
C. Some rates that are not eligible for Points include rooms booked under
SAR 150 per night, certain promotions initiated by a particular hotel,
award night stays, free rooms, rooms paid as part of a conference or
meeting, and rooms booked through a travel agent or online retailer.
Affiliated with third parties, including online travel agencies (unless
otherwise expressly stated), wholesale packages, group tours, stays
booked using employee discount, hotel facility only (DAY USE)
reservations, restaurant reservations, cafeteria requests, and health
club sessions .
D. In the event of termination of the Karam Rewards Program, Members
will have up to twelve (12) months from the date of the announcement of
the termination of the Karam Rewards Program (the “Redemption Period”)
to redeem active Rewards. The "redemption period" does not extend the
date of forfeiting any of the Karam program points in accordance with the
forfeiture policy, and the process of earning points will stop
permanently from the moment the program is declared discontinued.
4. Points confiscation policy:
A. Members must remain active in the program to retain the points they
have earned. If a member is inactive for 24 consecutive calendar months,
that member will lose all of their points. Any Qualifying Activity keeps
your Points active for an additional 24 months, from the first month in
which the activity is completed until the twelfth month of inactivity.

Eligible activity is completed when points are shared or removed from
your account, and eligible activities include completing an eligible stay
with points to earn points, or redeeming Karam points.
B. Eligible Activities As a member, you can make eligible reservations
through the Toll-Free number, official company websites, our mobile
application, or directly with the hotel.
5. Contact and reservations:
A. As a Member, you may receive email newsletters, text messages or
mobile application notifications describing special program news,
promotions, benefits, transactions on your account, identity and
account confirmation messages.
B. Eligible Activities As a member, you can make eligible reservations
through the Toll-Free number, official company websites, our mobile
application, or directly with the hotel.
6. Karam Program Points Earning & Redeeming Policy:
You will earn 10 points for every SAR you pay in room revenue (only),
excluding taxes, restaurant or other incidental charges at participating
hotels. Different conditions may apply to group bookings or other special
6.1.Rewarding Policy:
Each category gets a fixed discount rate:
A. Classic Tier: 5% discount from the declared price.
B. Premier Tier: 7% discount from the declared price.
C. Diamond Tier: 10% discount from the declared price.
D. Elite Tier: 15% discount from the declared price.

A. The points available in your account and the balance due on them can
be used starting from your second stay.
B. Only a member can earn as a member, you are the only one who
may earn points for your account.
C. A "stay" is defined as any number of nights in a single hotel.
D. You can earn points for a maximum of four rooms per night in the same
E. To qualify for points, rooms must be in your name and reservations
must include your member number. In addition, the room charges must
be paid in full.
F. If two or more Karam members share a room, the system will add
points to the member who booked the room.
G. A stay must be completed to earn points on a stay eligible for Points,
you must complete a stay of one or more nights in the room you booked
(and pay for all nights of stay).
H. Points are deposited into your account within 24 hours up to 7 working
days after checking out, in anticipation of any changes or problems that
may occur before, during or after the stay.
I. Sometimes a hotel promotional rate may require a minimum length of
stay. Unless otherwise stated, rates shown are per room, per night,
based on occupancy rates, demand and supply which is are the main
criteria of hotel pricing policies around the world and do not include
taxes, gratuities or incidental charges.
6.2.. Free nights Vouchers Policy:
A. As a member you are be able to redeem your active points within
the payment process through Boudl hotels & Resorts app or websites
B. As a member you get value 3% of your redeemed points as discount
with Saudi Riyal, ex: 5,000 pts = 150 SAR in redemption process.
C. Members are also able to redeem their points with free nights
vouchers available through our official online platforms.
D. Some rooms are excluded from the free nights voucher as per lack
of availability.
E. Redeemed voucher cannot be redeemed during high season and will have
an expiration date of 6 months after the date of redeemed voucher.
7. Tiers Upgrading:
A. Upgrade levels in the Karam Rewards Program provide additional
benefits over the Classic tier.
B. Membership levels are subject to change at any time, with or
without notice, as are associated benefits.
C. Upgrading to a new tier or staying in an existing tier depends on
the number of eligible points in each calendar year.
D. Classic membership is earned automatically upon subscribing to
the Karam Program.
E. Points chart:
F. Boudl may adjust the financial value as it deems appropriate without
prior notice.
G. The points and credits available in the account are valid for 3 years
from the date of activation.
H. The benefits of the category may vary according to the hotel and some
of the group’s brands, as Boudl Hotels and Resorts offer different
classifications of hotels, starting from hotel suites to five-star hotels, and
each of them has characteristics that may be similar or different with
other hotels within the same brand or between brands and some of
them. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the availability of the
required service before the booking process, either through the
information available on the platforms of Boudl Hotels and Resorts, or
by communicating with us through the official channels.
I. Member room upgrades are determined by each hotel at check-in, are
subject to availability and only apply to Members' personal room.
Upgraded room types may include recently renovated rooms, rooms on
a higher/lower floor, or rooms with preferred views.
J. Hotels are not required to upgrade members' rooms to any specific type.
K. Any fraudulent registrations or abuse of Program benefits may result in
suspension or termination of the Member's Karam Program privileges
account, voiding or forfeiture of any Points awarded, and/or
cancellation of any Reward Night.
8. Case matching:
A. Status Match Allows a Karam member to match their membership
status from another rewards program to Karam rewards program.
B. To apply for match status, members should send an email
to with the following:
- Name
- Karam Program membership number
- A copy/photo/screenshot of your membership account statement
(showing expiration date) with the other hotel's loyalty program.
C. We will consent or not allow case matching at our sole discretion, and
will determine the level at which matching is required. The highest
category awarded under the Status Matching Program is Premium tier.
D. Status matching rules may be replaced by other promotions.
E. Members who have achieved status matching in a previous
calendar year are not eligible for status matching again, and must be
eligible for membership as usual, in addition to canceling the matched
membership with Karam membership and submitting What proves it.
F. Boudl Hotels Group has the right to investigate and verify by legitimate
means whether the member has already given up his previous
membership that was matched with the membership of the
"Karam Program" otherwise.

9. Other terms and conditions:
1. The program is subject to change, and Karam may add, modify or
delete any program rule in its sole discretion, with or without notice,
and may terminate the program at any time without notice.
2. The Program is not responsible for changes to the Partners. The
Program assumes no responsibility and assumes no liability for any
modifications, deletion or termination of the Partner's services or
products that may affect the Program.
3. All hotels are independently owned and operated by all Boudl Group
hotels and resorts, and as such, participation in the Program and/or in
certain parts of the Program may vary. Always check with your hotel if
you have any questions about sharing it.
4. Merging points with other members are not allowed, but you can
transfer a limited amount of active points within a specific period of time,
and the other party will receive it with the same expiration date.
5. You can only have one membership account. If you open more than one
program account and have more than one member number, Karam will
only add points to one account and terminate the other.
6. Termination for Fraud or Abuse; Any fraudulent registration or other
fraud, abuse, violations of Program rules or benefits, or violation of any
international or local law may result in suspension or termination of
Member's Karam account or void or forfeiture of any previously awarded
points If it is expected to be granted and cancel any guest night(s),
and/ or any other accrued or issued rewards at any time, Karam reserves
the right to take legal action.
7. You are not allowed sell points or exchange points for cash, as the only
beneficiary of the Karam program points is the guest who has
membership and the only outlet for purchasing Karam points are the
specific channels designated for selling points.
8. Points have no fixed value and cannot be exchanged for cash or any
other form of credit.
9. Points can be transferred from one account to another with a maximum
of 10,000 points\ 6months, and their validity does not change before
and after the transfer process.
10. Points have no value until the Member presents them for redemption in
accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

11. The points amounts shown in your account may be adjusted, and Karam
may adjust the points listed in your program account based on actual
accommodation information.
12. Questions? If you have questions about the program, accommodation
points, or online e-channels, you must contact the Karam Program
Service Center within 30 days of the online disclosure date. You must
provide Karam Program Service Center with a hotel receipt indicating
your paid accommodation, as well as your membership number, and
other appropriate and unedited documents. Once received, please
allow up to 15 days to process your order.
13. You can review all your activities in your Karam e-statement.
14. Member responsibilities: You are responsible for understanding the
program rules, keeping track of your points, and maintaining the
security of your account.
15. In the event that the security of your account is breached, Karam is not
responsible for any unauthorized access or any activity that occurs on
the account, nor does Karam hold the responsibility to compensate the
member for any wasted points or any other damages. If a Member
becomes aware of any fraudulent activity, he/she must report it to
Karam customer service within 20 days of it occurring and provide any
required information and cooperation to Karam to consider, in its sole
discretion, any returns or modifications.
16. Karam is not responsible for late, lost, misdirected email or other
17. The program and / or reward or redemption of points is void where
prohibited by law, and the "Karam Program" disclaims responsibility for
any suspicious or prohibited activity of the member that took place in
any of Boudl hotels and resorts, and it will inform the competent
government authorities in the event of discovering any action prohibited
by international law Or local, and it will allow the security and control
authorities to carry out their duties after official approval by the
competent authority.
18. You agree that Karam has the sole discretion to interpret all of the rules
of the Program and you hereby agree through your participation in the
Program to be bound by the interpretations of the Karam Program.
19. To redeem points or for customer service issues, contact the "Karam
Program" service center, which can be reached through all the unified
numbers of Boudl Hotels and Resorts or through our electronic channels.
BHG Rewards Club Policy

10. Privacy Policy:
A. Managing member accounts and providing offers, rewards, benefits,
products and services under the Karam Program requires the collection,
processing and use of data as set forth in these privacy rules and
B. When you become a member, or have the opportunity to accept offers
after becoming a member, Karam collects the information you provide,
such as your name, address, phone number, email address, room
preferences and billing information.
C. By submitting your personal information and agreeing to become a
member of the Karam Program, you consent to the use and sharing of
your personal information by the Karam Program for the purposes of
managing your account(s), and to offer and provide rewards, benefits,
products, goods and services to you in connection with the Program.
D. If you do not consent to the use and sharing of your data in the manner
and for the purposes described above, you will not be able to
participate in the Karam Program or receive information about rewards,
benefits, products, goods and services that we offer in connection with
the Program.
E. Boudl Hotels and Resorts and its affiliates may share personal
information with third parties that work to help them provide services
to you or to carry out one of the business purposes described above.
These service providers are prohibited from using your personal
information for any purpose other than providing such assistance and are
BHG Rewards Club Policy required to protect the personal information disclosed by Karam.
F. To the extent required or permitted by law, Karam and its affiliates may
collect, use and disclose your personal information in connection with
security or law enforcement investigations or in the course of
cooperating with authorities or complying with legal requirements.
G. When you become a member of the Karam Program, you
authorize Boudl Hotels & Resorts and its affiliates to contact you via email
and postal mail with administrative and transactional program
H. Karam and its affiliates may occasionally contact you via e-mail and
postal mail about program promotions, special offers, discounts, or the
activation of any external partnerships. If you prefer not to receive
these communications, you may instruct Karam to remove your name and
address as previously specified.
I. Karam and its affiliates may occasionally share your personal
information for marketing purposes with business partner companies,
which may include airlines, hotels, retailers, telecommunications
companies, credit card companies, banks, financial institutions, affinity
membership program operators, restaurants, trade fair operators,
magazines, other publishers and charitable organizations .
J. You may withdraw your consent whenever you wish by informing us
through the channels previously mentioned above.




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