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The I Prefer Program ("Program") is a customer loyalty program offered by Preferred Hotels & Resorts ("PH&R") that rewards I Prefer Members (as defined below) who stay at Participating Hotels (as defined below). After you enroll in the Program and become an I Prefer Member, you will be eligible to earn points ("I Prefer Points") on eligible stays or eligible activities at Participating Hotels. Then, you will be able to redeem I Prefer Points as described below for awards such as Reward Certificates (as defined below).


Participation in the Program is subject to these Terms and Conditions and the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Privacy Policy which is incorporated herein (collectively the "Program Terms"). It is your responsibility to read and understand the Program Terms.

PH&R may amend the Program Terms in its sole discretion at any time without notice including but not limited to modifying membership eligibility; changing membership benefits; amending how I Prefer Points are earned; and modifying how many I Prefer Points are needed to redeem an award. Any such changes to the Program Terms will be shown in the Program Terms on the website and will be effective immediately unless stated otherwise. We will post a prominent notice on the website to notify you of any significant changes to the Program Terms and indicate at the top of the Program Terms or Privacy Policy when it was most recently updated.

PH&R may terminate the Program at any time with or without notice. The termination process will be announced at the time of termination.

Membership in the Program, the earning of I Prefer Points, and the redemption of I Prefer Points are void where prohibited by law, and are subject to applicable government regulations.

The receipt of awards including Reward Certificates or the redemption of I Prefer Points may be subject to tax liability. Any tax liability, including disclosure, with respect to the receipt of awards including Reward Certificates or use of I Prefer Points is solely your responsibility. PH&R will not be liable for any tax liability, duty or other charges in connection with the issuance of awards including Reward Certificates. You should check with your tax advisor regarding possible tax implications.


You may apply to be a member of the Program (“I Prefer Member”) by filling out the application on the website, by calling (877) 497-6976 or the international numbers listed at or at a Participating Hotel and by following the applicable directions for the submission of the application. To be an I Prefer Member, you must have a valid email address at the time of enrollment. Each email address can only be used for one I Prefer Member. You also must be at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in the place where you live, whichever is older, to be an I Prefer Member. Corporations, associations or groups cannot be members of the Program. Once your I Prefer membership is accepted, you will receive a virtual membership card with your I Prefer member number (“I Prefer Member Number”). PH&R may deny membership in the Program to any application in its sole discretion and without written notice.

You may only enroll in the Program for yourself, and you may only maintain one membership account. Only you may earn or redeem I Prefer Points associated with your I Prefer Member Number. Except as described in these Program Terms, membership and its benefits as defined below are non-transferable and may not be lent or sold to another person.

PH&R may, without notice, terminate an I Prefer membership account in its sole discretion at any time for any reason which may include, but is not limited to: (a) violation of the Program Terms; (b) misrepresentations of any information or any misuse of the Program; (c) evidence of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity; (d) violation of any national, state, or local law or regulation in connection with the use of Program benefits; (e) failure to pay for hotel charges; (f) maintaining more than one active account per I Prefer Member or (g) taking any action which is a detriment to the Program or any of its Participating Hotels as may be determined by PH&R in its sole discretion.

You may terminate your I Prefer membership at any time by sending a letter to I Prefer, Preferred Hotels & Resorts311 South Wacker Drive # 1900, Chicago, IL 60606 or an e-mail to stating your desire to terminate your membership, your name, e-mail address, and I Prefer Member Number. Your membership account will terminate upon the date your correspondence is received by PH&R.

If your I Prefer membership is terminated by you or PH&R, all I Prefer Points in your account and your membership benefits will be forfeited immediately upon termination. If you reapply for membership at a later date, you will not recover any I Prefer Points or previous membership benefits forfeited from your previous membership account.

I Prefer Points may not be redeemed if an I Prefer Member becomes Inactive, in which case the I Prefer Points in the I Prefer Member’s account will be terminated. An I Prefer Member is considered “Inactive” if during a 24 month period: (a) the I Prefer Member has not stayed at a Participating Hotel; (b) the I Prefer Member has not earned, received, or redeemed any I Prefer Points; or (c) the I Prefer Member has not redeemed any Reward Certificates earned through the Program.


I Prefer Points can be earned for hotel stays only at Participating Hotels listed on This list may be updated at any time in PH&R’s sole discretion.

To earn I Prefer Points, an I Prefer Member must book a stay at a Participating Hotel through one of the following eligible booking channels with a valid I Prefer Member Number. A “Stay” is either one night or the total number of consecutive nights at the same hotel. Eligible reservations must contain a valid I Prefer Member Number at the time of booking or be added to the reservation during or prior to check-in. If not, the reservation will not be eligible to earn I Prefer Points. I Prefer Points will not be earned for reservations made before the I Prefer Member has received an I Prefer Member Number. I Prefer Points will only be credited to the I Prefer  Member Number provided at the time of the reservation. Only one I Prefer Member Number may be associated with each reservation. Only rates booked for Participating Hotels through the “Eligible Booking Channels” described below are eligible to earn I Prefer Points. Some rates and/or reservations such as complimentary or barter stays, employee/industry/airline crew rates, group rates, wholesale/tour operator rates, reservations paid for with wholesale vouchers or airlines vouchers, and canceled/no-show bookings may not be eligible for I Prefer Points. In addition, Participating Hotels may also exclude certain rates from earning I Prefer Points (e.g. corporate negotiated rates).

An I Prefer Member will only receive I Prefer Points for a qualifying reservation after the I Prefer Member completes his/her Stay, has checked-out, and paid in full for the Stay. The I Prefer Member must have an active membership at the time of check-out. Stays that are fully or partially paid for by I Prefer Reward Certificates are eligible for I Prefer Points. No shows and canceled stays are not valid even if fully paid. I Prefer Points will be available within seven (7) days after departure.

I Prefer Points are calculated based upon Reservation Revenue and the calculation does not include taxes, service charges, resort fees, or gratuities. (“Reservation Revenue”). However, Participating Hotels in their sole discretion may elect to award I Prefer Points on non-room charges including food and beverage, spa, parking, business center, gift shop purchases, telecommunications, dry cleaning and laundry, fitness center, in-room movies or games, tips and gratuities, no-show charges, and cancelation fees. In addition, Participating Hotels in their sole discretion may elect to award airline miles in addition to I Prefer points. PH&R and Participating Hotels may occasionally offer other opportunities to earn I Prefer Points including promotional incentives and other purchase opportunities. These offers may be temporary and can be discontinued at any time in PH&R’s or the Participating Hotel’s sole discretion. Such offers are void where prohibited by law.

Hotel stays paid in non-US currency will be converted at an exchange rate determined by PH&R. This may be the foreign exchange rate used by the Participating Hotel at check-in, at check-out, or another rate selected by PH&R.

The Eligible Booking Channels and the rate that Eligible Bookings will accrue I Prefer Points are described below.

Eligible Booking Channel I Prefer points awarded per every $1 (USD) paid at check-out for Reservation Revenue,, 10
Preferred Hotels & Resorts call centers 10
Travel agent bookings (other than online travel agents including, but not limited to Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia, and 10
Hotel website 10
Hotel direct bookings, e.g. phone bookings 10

If you were not properly credited for your stay or believe your I Prefer Point balance is inaccurate, you may claim an adjustment from PH&R within six (6) months after the check-out date by using the "Request Points" function on and following the instructions, including attaching an electronic copy of your final hotel bill reflecting the charges for which you are claiming points. Point requests will not be accepted until a folio has been attached. Failure to supply adequate and unaltered information or documentation may result in a denial of such I Prefer Points. For the I Prefer Member’s protection, all receipts and documentation should be retained by the Member until the I Prefer Points are correctly credited to the I Prefer Member’s account.

I Prefer Points are awarded on the data contained in the guest reservation at the time of check-in. Changes to the reservation at check-in or after check-in must be reported to PH&R by the I Prefer Member or the Participating Hotel within six (6) months of check-out for the relevant stay in order for the I Prefer Points calculation to reflect new details.

PH&R may adjust an I Prefer Members’ account balance at any time in its sole discretion.

I Prefer Points are a measurement of an I Prefer Member’s participation in the Program and have no independent value whatsoever. Accrued I Prefer Points do not constitute property of the I Prefer Member. I Prefer Points are not redeemable for cash or any other form of credit. Use of the word “earn” in marketing materials and these Program Terms in relation to I Prefer Points shall mean to collect I Prefer Points as a measurement of participation in the Program and does not mean that the I Prefer Points have any value. I Prefer Points are only redeemable for awards, as provided for herein, and only when combined with the other prerequisites for redemption, including an active I Prefer account. I Prefer Points are for the I Prefer Member’s benefit only and are not transferable to another person except as described in these Terms. I Prefer Members can transfer I Prefer Points to another I Prefer Member by sending a transfer request to The transfer request should include the transferring Member’s I Prefer Member Number, the transferee I Prefer Member’s I Prefer Member Number, and the number of I Prefer Points the transferring I Prefer Member wants to transfer to the transferee I Prefer Member. In the case of the death of an I Prefer Member, PH&R, in its sole discretion, may transfer unredeemed I Prefer Points to another I Prefer Member upon PH&R’s receipt and review of all requested documentation and communications including a death certificate. To request a transfer of I Prefer Points in the case of death, send an e-mail to Sale or barter of I PreferPoints is prohibited. I Prefer Points that have been transferred, sold or assigned in connection with a sale or barter may be confiscated or canceled.

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